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In a world hyper focused on education and learning due to COVID-19 there have been a lot of fingers pointing and name calling. But let’s get one thing clear, we are all in this together! All that negativity only continues to breed more animosity and hate.

Education is a turning point of many people’s lives.

Either it propels them further or pisses them off and holds them back.

Often people only associate education with children? WHY?

Are we not supposed to continue learning into adulthood?

If we aren’t supposed to continue learning, why are there so many self-help books, coaches, authors, trainers, and people trying to teach online courses?

When you are a trainer you are developing a competency and skill set in an individual to improve their performance in the workplace. Trainers help amplify employee productivity and efficiency.

What the hell do you think teachers do?

Teachers do the same thing but for kids. They help students to acquire knowledge, competencies, and/or virtues.

A kid’s job is to be the best student that kid can be.

Teachers and trainers are doing the SAME thing.

Many people like to assume that teachers are focused more on virtues than anything else. But reality is that teachers especially those in the primary grades are teaching SKILLS.
Each grade level is a building block on the skills learned the year prior.

Trainers are doing that within companies. Even when trainers are not part of the company culture, they are still there be expand on an already present skill set. This may not be the ideal definition of what they do, but you get the point.

Trainers are brought in to grow the company in one direct or another.

Teachers at the primary level are tasked with growing the WHOLE child. As the kids get bigger, the teachers become more singularly focused on a specific subject.

Who does that sound like? A trainer…

Well yes, that is the point.

We all like to say that we are unique or special because of a fancy title or different business, but, trainers and teachers are synonymous in my opinion.

So if you are struggling to transition your in person training to online, reach out by clicking here. 30-minutes if you are open to learning something or networking I’m game if you are.