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While writing a course for a client this past week, this teacher became a student of several innovative data trackers! Here at Omnibiz Services, we love learning about new ways to help small businesses be their very best. This week, we’d like to highlight a powerful tool that will help your business with social media marketing. What tool is this, you may ask? Let’s go take a look at what Google Trends can do! 

Varied Interests

 Google Trends can help with your hashtagging campaign and with what keywords you should be using on your website by letting you know what people are interested in. Immediately upon perusing the home page of Google Trends, we can see searches that are recently trending (Serena Williams, aliens, and JFK Jr are currently in the top 100), what people searched for by year, and a tutorial on how to use the visual data provided by Google Trends.

Using the search engine on the website, we searched for the query “donuts”. We were able to see the interest in donuts over time (this peaked in early June), what US region searched the most for donuts (Rhode Island loves their donuts!) and related searches and queries. You can also customize the interest range into time of day, non-US regions, and differentiating between image searches, news searches, and shopping searches. 

How Can This Help? 

Let’s use our donut example from above. You hypothetically own a donut shop in Delaware, and are wondering how to use data in order to tighten up your social media marketing campaign and increase sales. You are open from 6:00 am to 12:00 pm, Tuesday- Sunday, and are one of three donut shops in your town. How do you get an edge on your competition by finding out what your target audience wants? 

 If you search for “donuts”, you’ll see that Delaware is 9th in the nation for donut search queries, which is good news for you, but also good news for your competitors. Donut queries peak in Delaware at 5:28 am, which is also good news, as your shop opens at 6:00. However, based on this data, you may consider starting ½ hour earlier so that your opening time on a Google search reflects that you’re about to open when most people are searching for donuts.

You can also use the “Compare” feature to see how this query compares to related words such as “bakery” and “pastry”. The query “donut” outperforms both of those terms by far, which lets you know which keywords or hashtags will stand out more. However, with the exception of very early in the morning, the query “coffee” performs almost identically to “donut”, which suggests that you might want to use the keywords or hashtags “donut” and “coffee” in conjunction with one another. 

Timing is Everything

Now that you know that the Google search “donut” peaks in Delaware at around 5:20 am, you can schedule social media posts to go out around the time that people are searching for donuts. Finally, we can see that image searches for coffee peak a little later in the day, around 8:00 am. Adding a tempting image of coffee to a social media post scheduled for around 7:30 am will increase traffic to your website or social media platform! 

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