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Last week, we gave thanks for the gift of time! Being able to work remotely has been a wonderful thing for the OmniBiz Services team, because it allows us to have the flexibility to take care of our families, travel, and learn new things. We talked a few other ladies in our OmniBiz Services family to find out what they are thankful for. 

Kristina, Certified ProAdvisor for Quickbooks Online

“I am thankful for my husband and kids. They keep me going when I feel I can’t do something. They are always pushing me to be better.”

Alissa, Social Media Manager 

Alissa is grateful for the gift of sleeping in! She says “That’s a pretty big plus to this gig- I can take the kids to the bus in my PJ’s, and go to work!” And because education is always our priority here at OmniBiz Services, Alissa also is “grateful that our community rallied and voted in school board members who support building a new school, even if it means higher taxes.” 

Sandra, Web Developer and SEO Strategist

“I am thankful for making friends worldwide. These friends help make life so much easier and more joyful when we don’t have to figure everything out by ourselves. There is always someone who has had the same experience and can lend an open ear. Truly, friends no matter where we may meet.”

Our Message of Thanks!

This Thanksgiving season, we are grateful for each and every one of you who have helped to grow our business! From viewing our videos to reading our blogs to sharing our content on social media, you all have helped spread the word about all of the wonderful things that OmniBiz Services can do. To our clients- we are so grateful for the opportunity to work with you! We love helping you spread the word about your business and making sure that all of your clients are educated about all the services you offer. And finally, we are thankful for each other. Strong #womenownedbusinesses support each other, communicate effectively, give each other feedback, make each other laugh, and succeed together. We are an awesome team! 


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!