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So, you want to share your expertise and make money – AWESOME!

But you want to insist that you aren’t a teacher. Why?

That’s where you lose me. I am confused at why you, the awesome person you are, who has all your genius and life experiences does not see themselves as a teacher.

If you want to make an online course –

you are becoming a teacher!

CONGRATULATIONS on adding this new title to your resume and list of awesome things you can do.

Often, many entrepreneurs want to take on the role of course creator, but don’t want to become a teacher. They want to just make money. Is that YOU? It’s okay to admit you want to make some cash. We all do!

But now, lets look at how to do the real job you are signing up for when you become a course creator – TEACHER!

Pandemic Puts Education In The Spotlight

With the pandemic in full swing, some people are finally acknowledging how hard it is to teach. While others are saying teachers don’t deserve to get paid if they aren’t in the classroom. My head spins when I hear these arguments AND then I remember you!

You, my amazing friends and acquaintances and colleagues. You, the individuals who want to make money AND provide a high-quality content experience for your clients. You are the next generation of teachers.

So why are you fighting against basic educational principles?

Things like assessments and objectives aren’t scary words.

They need to become part of your vocabulary because they help you connect with your students.

All the gurus talk about how stories help you in marketing your online courses and teach. However, the part they are missing, because they are NOT teachers, is that stories are only part of the puzzle. Stories aren’t the be all end all.

Your Objections To Objectives Are Weak!

Stop saying you aren’t a teacher if you want to make an online course. EMBRACE your new identity!

Create your course content through the lens of a beginner and your student.

Establish objectives so that your students know what they are going to learn and can assess for themselves if they’ve learned what you promised to teach.

Focus on one platform for delivery.

Enjoy the relationships you will build with your students. Acknowledge that repeat sales come from strong relationships and connections. 

Lastly, stop objecting to objectives. They will make your life easier and your student happier. Writing an objective through the lens of SWBAT (student will be able to) will tailor each module, lesson, and/or assessment down to the basic question of “WHY am I learning this?”.