Here at OmniBiz Services, we love our pooches! While Teddy, Lemon, Zuma, and the rest of the gang are adorable, there’s no denying that they are all seriously skilled in the art of laziness. So if most of our pups are professional nappers, how did the phrase “work like a dog” become synonymous with hard work? According to National Day Calendar, the expression probably originated from dogs bred for manual labor, like herding dogs or sled dogs. In honor of National Work Like a Dog Day on August 5, we are here to help you NOT work like a dog when it comes to marketing.  Read More

While writing a course for a client this past week, this teacher became a student of several innovative data trackers! Here at Omnibiz Services, we love learning about new ways to help small businesses be their very best. This week, we’d like to highlight a powerful tool that will help your business with social media marketing. What tool is this, you may ask? Let’s go take a look at what Google Trends can do!  Read More

Last week we explored ways to find your avatar, or ideal customer. Now you have a plethora of information about the person or people who would be perfect for your product or service, you may be wondering how this will help your efforts to streamline your marketing. Let’s take a look at some different types of marketing, and how knowing your avatar will aid you in some surprising ways.  Read More

#Hashtags are a big part of social media! The symbol formerly known as a pound sign (or a sharp for the musicians in the crowd!) is everywhere and seemingly fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants. Ever see a hashtag that was clearly made up, such as #benandjerrysfordays or #kickedherbrotherbuthegotherback? Read More