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Did you know that 80% of people have given up their New Year’s resolution by the end of January? The reason why most people flake out is because New Year’s resolutions are outcome based. That means you have to have an extreme amount of internal and external motivation to keep you going. So while your New Year’s resolutions may be a bust, it can be a great catalyst to start some serious behavioral change. 

Layers of Behavioral Change 

Changing behaviors is not an instant process.There are three layers to achieving behavioral change. Those layers are:

  • Outcomes
  • Processes
  • Identity 

The first of those layers is outcome. That outcome is the goal or the desired end result. The second layer to changing behavior is the process. The process is how you go about making the outcome a reality. The third and final layer is identity. By making it part of who you are the change is now part of your identity.

Applying Behavioral Changes to Your Course 

How exactly does behavioral change equate to positive outcomes in your online course? Behavioral changes are about the process. So when you’re looking to create a process within your online course and teach your learners the skill or knowledge your course promises, you’re talking about a process. That’s the first major step in creating long term change. The next step is where the process from your course becomes part of your learners identity. Once that happens you can see a shift and you’ve delivered the outcome you promised. 

DIY Course Audit 

If you haven’t already make sure you download our DIY course audit. If you’re new to course creation and looking to build a course, it gives you the key fundamental points that will help you create a solid course. Already have an online course?  Our DIY course audit can help if  you are getting repetitive questions, low course completion, or refund requests. Check it out, make sure your process is clear, make sure that you are helping your learners, hit that identity piece, making sure that they are getting the outcome that they’ve been promised. We’re here to help!