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A recent client of Omnibiz
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An image showcasing a recent client

Emily Murnen – Wild Elm Events

“Working with Sam has been incredible! She showed me how to incorporate different teaching styles throughout my course, and she pointed out where areas that might be confusing to my audience or just didn’t have enough explanation or information. I feel that my course is so much more impact for my audience as a direct result of working with Sam.

Sam will make sure that your course is actually helping your students. She will make sure that you are presenting the content in a clear, actionable way that is truly valuable to your audience. When you work with Sam, the quality of your course will be so much higher than if you did it on your own. I 100% recommend working with Sam on your next course if you are truly looking to make a difference in the lives of your audience/students.”

Brice Holmes – ONtrepenuer Academy

“Sam and her team are some of the kindest and patient people to work with through the course creation process. They made an overwhelming and huge undertaking of creating my whole course from start to finish a pleasant process — not an easy feat!”

“My content is so much richer when I have Sam keeping me focused on the end goal of supporting my clients. Sam is helping me find the essence of my course and bringing it to life. Working with Sam has helped me jump over the hurdles holding me back from creating my course. She has given me the confidence to step into my position as a true thought leader.”

Must Have Resources for Your Online Course

Checklist to Creating the Ultimate Course

Talk Your Learners


7-Step Guide

Taking your ideas to a transformational learning experience.


Online Course Audit

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Hello Internet Friend!

OmniBiz Services is an educational support services company. We turn your ideas into amazing courses, from start to finish and help you everywhere in between.

We are made up of educators and parents with a variety of degrees that support educating your consumer by creating an online course.

I left my teaching career to be more present for my children. Because, at the end of the day 180-students were getting more of my energy and attention. My own 2-children weren’t getting a mom who could function. So I left the classroom after 10+ years to join the corporate world.

The harshness of being laid off after only 6-months in the corporate world taught me a lot. Nothing is certain! So, I continued to explore traditional instructional design as a freelancer and subcontractor. My work is used by national and international corporations.

As I explored freelance work, entrepreneurial online courses began to explode. Over the past 4-years I’ve watched gurus try to help people make “passive income” out of education – ☹! It is my mission to transition online courses into TRANSFORMATIONAL EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCES!

How do we do that?

– We help you reach your learners where they are – beginner’s mindset.
– We help you tap into your learner’s various learning style.
– We help you track metrics that actually mean something.

We do all this while having you increase your ROI by focusing on your learner’s success!
Contact us today to start your course impact.

Warmest Regards,

OmniBiz Services

Experts in Course Creation

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