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What is the difference between a course creator and a teacher?

Simple as can be, NOTHING!

For the love of all that is good in this world, PLEASE understand that if you want to teach something – ANYTHING, you are now wearing the hat of a TEACHER!

Whether you are a trainer developing a competency and skill set for an individual to improve their performance in the workplace. Or a teacher/professor preparing a lesson for your students, you are teaching.

When you create an online course YOU are helping your clients (i.e. – students) to acquire knowledge, competencies, and/or skills.

Guess what?

You are a TEACHER!

Congratulations, now go add that to your LinkedIn profile. LOL!

Make sure you aren’t stuck on titles and names. You have wonderful information to share with the world, so as the famous Nike quote say “Just Do It!”

By keeping all this information to yourself, you are hurting the people you say you want to be helping.

Okay – I know that sounded really harsh, but it is the truth!

If you say you want to make a difference in this world and then hide the HOW TO GUIDE, are you really helping anyone?

So if you want to flip that old narrative on it’s head, and start truly helping those people you SAY you want to serve:

  • You’ve got to take a stand for YOUR people.
  • You got into business to CHANGE the world in your unique way.
  • When you fail to stand in a place of discomfort for your ideal client, you’re saying you don’t really care if they change or not.
  • You’re fear of being salesy or pushy is more important than your ideal client achieving transformation.
  • But let’s face it, change is hard! So what are you going to do about it?

Are you going to make your online course? Or continue to just talk about it?

When I was scared; it took an amazing person to push me. Her name is Mary Kathryn Johnson, the owner of Messenger Funnels. She made me realize that if I didn’t stand up for every learner out there, NO ONE ELSE WOULD!

And that made me very sad.

I got up off of my ass. Stopped hiding behind my excuses and successfully made 2 different businesses to help people build SUCCESSFUL online courses. And the more successful business, stuck – hence, you are getting this email from me. ?

I help my clients with this all the time. We will work to chunk your content, offer variety in delivery methodology, and connect with your clients through multiple learning styles all while overcoming your own sense of overwhelm, just like Mary Kathryn Johnson did for me.

I have just a few spots open for my 6 and 8 week sessions before the end of the year. On our free discovery call I will help you to identify ways to deliver your course content and see if us working together would be a good fit. These calls fill up FAST when I open my calendar. If you are interested in how my program can help you up level your online course AND your business as a whole…? Let’s chat!