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Eggs in a Basket

We all know that advertising is crucial to the success of your small business! In fact, marketing is so important that the Small Business Administration 

recommends that 7-8% of your business’s gross revenue should be spent on marketing and advertising. That’s a big chunk of change!

 Deciding what types of marketing to spend your hard-earned money on can be a challenge. Should you blow your budget on the giant billboard in the middle of town? Or spend all your money hiring your brother-in-law to print up a bunch of fliers and stick them in mailboxes? There’s nothing wrong with billboards- or your brother-in-law- but hit the brakes before throwing all your money at one marketing method! Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Your marketing plan needs to be multi- faceted!

Digital Dollars

As Sam mentioned in our last video, approximately 46% of your marketing and advertising budget should go toward digital marketing. This includes Facebook and Instagram ads, Chat Bots, blogs, Tweets, email marketing, and a host of other techniques! Experts like the ones here at OmniBiz Services can help you reap the rewards of your digital dollars.

Going Old-School

Print isn’t dead! While it’s great to invest in your digital marketing campaign, you still need print services as part of your advertising. Passing out business cards or brochures with QR codes is a great way to get your business noticed. Think about what events you’ll be attending and where you’ll be networking in the future. Also consider leaving room in your budget for letters with your business letterhead, as well as thank you cards. Thank you cards are an effective way to follow up with a client and sincerely show gratitude. Sending a thank you card for a meeting or interview will make you stand out in the crowd!

Smart Sponsorship

Sponsorship ads on TV or radio can be a part of your marketing campaign, and can be a great way to get noticed in your community! Many local businesses have memorable ads or jingles that are well-known by the people who live in the area. Be sure to use those dollars wisely by making sure the business that you are getting is worth the cost of the ads.

Revise and Review

Your marketing plan needs to be periodically revised and reviewed! Here at OmniBiz Services , we can help you review your plan and make sure your advertising dollars are being spent in the most effective way possible. Check us out on our LinkedIn and Facebook to see all of the things that OmniBiz Services can do for you!