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Last week, we took a look at how to sustain your business with the features that GSuite has to offer. A big part of sustaining your business is retaining talented employees. Small businesses are greatly impacted by high turnover rates. Severance packages, training new hires, advertising for job openings, and interviewing candidates also cuts into businesses overall revenue. A high turnover rate can also lead to low morale within the company, in which employees look for excuses to leave. But here’s the good news! By 2021, 50% of the workforce will be made up of Millennials. There has been extensive research done on the engagement and work habits of Millennials, and it shows the following trends: 

  • Remote work
  • Experimental spaces
  • Work-life balance 
  • Tech-driven workplaces 
  • Collaborative floor plans
  • Automation
  • A culture of respect 


By utilizing GSuite effectively, your business can appeal to this ever-increasing percentage of the workforce. When quality employees are retained, productivity is greater, morale is higher, and you can a bigger return on your investment! Let’s take a look at how GSuite can help work with the values that your employees hold. 


Remote Work

By using Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Forms, employees can collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more from any location. The comment feature on Docs is especially useful in asking and answering questions. Additionally, Google Hangouts is a great way to video conference and hold meetings, even when not everyone on the team is in the same building- or country, for that matter! 


Work-Life Balance and Flexible Working Hours 

Ask any mom or dad to name one of the hardest parts of being a working parent, and one of the top answers will be “When my kid gets sick and can’t go to school/day care.” While research shows that Millennials are waiting longer to become parents, part of having a work-life balance is being able to take care of the people in your life- children, aging parents, a spouse or sibling with a disability, etc. GSuite can help with this work-life balance by offering remote work options. Cloud storage can also be a lifesaver, so that someone can work from any location, and not just from their office computer. All of these features allow employees to work around school schedules, sick kids, doctor’s appointments, or even just to take a working vacation! 


Tech-Driven Workplaces

Millennials are extremely comfortable with technology. By giving them access to high-tech features, such as the ones GSuite has to offer, you will be helping them to do their best work! 


When you provide tools and a work environment that your employees value, you will see happier, more productive, and more loyal employees!