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 Today we’re talking about working with people who are your complete opposite. There are many times in business that you meet people who you do not click with and feel as though they would not be a good fit for your business based on these superficial differences. Are you limiting your business by deciding to not work with someone based solely on the fact they are your opposite? 

Hypothetical Dave 

Let’s start with an example. Let me tell you about a guy named “Dave”. Dave shows up late. He leaves early with no explanation whatsoever. Dave also helps himself to his co-workers lunch multiple days a week! Here’s another thing about Dave, he is amazing in the work that he does! The hypothetical “Dave” is the polar opposite of what anyone would want to work with. None of us want to work with our hypothetical Dave. Here’s the question, as an entrepreneur would  you think to reach out to this, Dave, knowing what you know about him? And the answer is yes! 

Decisions Based on Performance, Not Personalities

There are a lot of times when I come across somebody I might not like at a networking event. However, I look at their business card, I hear what they have to say and then I go home and explore their portfolio. Only to find out  that actually do really great work. I’ve worked with a plethora of different people from graphic designers to web developers. Some of these people I’ve really really clicked with and thought they would be a perfect asset to my business. Only to it not work for my business at the end of the day. 

An Unexpected Fit 

You should not make your decision not to work with someone based on personality differences alone.  Recently, I worked with a new graphic designer. Full disclosure she is not somebody I would have thought that I would be able to work with because of personality quirks but she did amazing work. She turned my DIY course audit into this amazing, beautiful document. She was not somebody I thought upon first interaction that I would have worked  and I’m so pleased that I chose to work with her. 

So it’s important to consider that when you are choosing the people you work with, take a step outside your comfort zone do something different. You could be surprised and it could end up working out incredibly well.  You need to take that opportunity even if it means working with your opposite.