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Last week we explored ways to find your avatar, or ideal customer. Now you have a plethora of information about the person or people who would be perfect for your product or service, you may be wondering how this will help your efforts to streamline your marketing. Let’s take a look at some different types of marketing, and how knowing your avatar will aid you in some surprising ways. 


Social Media

We all know that social media marketing is a powerful tool! But you have to consider if you are sending the right message to the right people. When you are considering the age of your avatar, you may want to be aware that according to the Pew Research Center, only 8{744608d0a3f9673dd4cd78bea820addf7a3764761378b28efbb93117a2c39fcf} of adults over the age of 65 use Instagram.

Only 10{744608d0a3f9673dd4cd78bea820addf7a3764761378b28efbb93117a2c39fcf} of people living in rural areas, and 9{744608d0a3f9673dd4cd78bea820addf7a3764761378b28efbb93117a2c39fcf} of people with a high school diploma or less use Linkedin. Conversely, 79{744608d0a3f9673dd4cd78bea820addf7a3764761378b28efbb93117a2c39fcf} of people aged 30-49 and 73{744608d0a3f9673dd4cd78bea820addf7a3764761378b28efbb93117a2c39fcf} of urban dwellers use Facebook. When deciding which social media platforms to use in your marketing, do some research to see what social media your avatar is most likely to be using. 


Email Marketing

Pretend for a minute that your business is a grocery shopping service like Instacart. The premise is that you will shop for and deliver groceries to people’s homes for a fee. If your avatar is working parents with small children, think about the wording you might use in your email marketing. You would probably play up the concept of spending quality time with kids instead of grocery shopping, or emphasize how much more convenient having groceries delivered would be.

On the other hand, if your avatar consists of older people, the emphasis in your emails might be about safety. Older people wouldn’t have to drive (especially in bad weather!) or risk injury by carrying groceries themselves. Think about what would appeal to your avatar if they received a promotional email from you! 


Designing Your Marketing

When thinking of what colors, fonts, and images to use in your marketing, you also need to consider your avatar! Larger fonts are more easily read by older audiences, bright colors and emojis appeal to teens and tweens, images that represent serenity would appeal to overworked business people- the list goes on! Think about what would make your avatar stop and look at something that you have to offer. Common wisdom says to not judge a book by it’s cover, but the first impression your customers will have is the “cover” of your business! 


Need help finding your avatar? Stuck on how to market yourself on social media? Check us out to see all of the things that OmniBiz Services can do for you!