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In a recent video, Sam encouraged viewers to check out their local Small Business Development Center. But what exactly is a Small Business Development Center (SBDC for short)? 

Have you ever heard of one? If so, is there one in your community? Read on, and find out how SBDCs can work for you!

What is a SBDC?

According to, Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) are “cooperative efforts among the SBA (Small Business Administration), a college or university, the private sector, and state and local governments. Their services include business counseling, training and technical assistance.”

Most SBDCs offer free business counseling. They also offer low-cost workshops on marketing, technology, taxes, and a whole host of other business topics. Some SBDCs, especially those located in an urban area or on a college campus, offer office space, secretarial support, and business counseling.

How Can a SBDC Help Me?

SBDCs can help anyone with their small business! They have programs available for small business owners to help navigate the ins and outs of business plan development, manufacturing, financial packaging and lending, market research, and healthcare information.

SBDCs can be especially helpful for women- and minority-owned businesses, Veteran-owned businesses, youth entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs with disabilities, and entrepreneurs in low-income areas. Additionally, because SBDCs are formed on a state and local basis, they will have expert knowledge and insight into your local economics and market.

What Happens When I Go to a SBDC?

When you go to a SBDC, you will meet one-on-one with a business counselor who will be with you long-term. He or she will tailor your services based on your needs and local market trends.

SBDCs are well aware of what small businesses in your area need. Also, they are constantly adjusting what they offer based on the needs of the community. Your counselor may suggest one or more of their business workshops, and may also recommend other small business to help you with bookkeeping, marketing, and other business needs.

These Places Sound Awesome! Where do I Find One?

The Small Business Administration’s website can help you find a local SBDC based on your Zip code. Additionally, a quick search on your local college or library system’s website can result in finding an SBDC, or something similar like a Small Business Information Center. With custom help from an SBDC, you’ll be in business in no time!

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