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Are your habits, as a course creator, setting your own course up for failure?

Don’t Set It and Forget It ! 

If your habits fall in line with the idea of passive income and you want to set it and forget it then you are setting yourself and your entire course up for lack luster results. Maybe at first your course outcomes were good but after a few rounds the results are less than ideal. The individuals that have gone through your course aren’t getting the results as fast as promised, as clearly as promised, or, as promised at all, because they don’t understand what’s going on! So your habit of setting and forgetting could be hurting your course.

Be Present in Your Course, Not Passive.

Education is not passive! I can’t stress that enough. You need to start taking a hard look at what is and isn’t working in your course and adjust accordingly. Feedback from your learners is going to be key! Listen to the feedback from your students, and edit your course. What habits do you have in place? Are you checking in monthly with your learners? Do you or someone on your team check statistics and metrics for your course? If not you are missing out on crucial feedback. 

Create New Active Habits 

Look within your course there may be a correlation between when people are dropping off and the content that is being delivered. If your course has a Facebook group, check and see what issues people are having and fix those within your course. A glossary of terms is great for beginning learners. You’re the master of your content but maybe your learners don’t know the terminology. 

All these are little habits and tweaks that you can implement into your daily, weekly, or monthly routine. Create a new habit of making sure your course is providing what you promised it would. Make it an enjoyable experience that will drive more success in your course. Success is the goal after all! 

So start a new habit of making these little changes to your course! These small changes will equal success for your course and your learners.