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Here at OmniBiz Services, we are clearly thankful for a lot of things! Good food. Pets. Family. Children. Traveling. Women-owned businesses.  Veterans. Heck, we even espoused the virtues of My Little Pony in a previous blog post. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, being thankful is on everyone’s minds. When Sam asked our team what we were all thankful for, remote work was high on everyone’s list! As we learned last week, 16% of businesses are fully remote, and OmniBiz Services is no exception. Being able to work remotely allows our team to interact effectively with one another while still being able to take care of our responsibilities at home. This gift of time is invaluable as we raise families, travel, and learn new skills. Are you curious about what the members of the OmniBiz Services team are thankful for? Let’s find out! 

Sam, Director of Operations. 

Sam says “What I am thankful for is the ability to serve my clients while being with my family by working from home. This opportunity is providing me the opportunity to teach my children about where their food comes from on our microfarm while simultaneously enlightening them how we can reduce our carbon footprint, thus helping revitalize our planet.” It’s clear that Sam has a lot to be thankful for and being the Director of Operations for OmniBiz Services helps to make that possible! 

Nicole, Copy Editor and Course Creator 

As the author of this blog, Nicole is enormously thankful for the opportunity to work at OmniBiz Services! A teacher by trade, Nicole sometimes will come home from a long day of teaching feeling like she did not reach anyone. Being a course creator allows Nicole to use her creativity to help clients figure out the best way to teach their audience! Nicole is also extremely grateful for her wonderful husband Dave, her three awesome kids, her adorable beagle Lemon, and the opportunity to coach her kids’ sports teams and lead her daughter’s American Heritage Girls troop! 

Anita, Video Creator for Social Platforms

Anita says “I’m thankful for the ability to be with my son. I can still practice medicine but also get to use my creative skills to help both my clients and my family. It’s such a gift. This year my business has grown in big ways and that has truly been a blessing. Being home more allows me to homeschool my son. It’s the road less traveled but for our family, it’s made all the difference.” We at OmniBiz Services are thankful that Anita has joined our team this year! Her insights into All Things Social Media have been a great addition to our team conversations! 

Check out the blog next week to see what the rest of the OmniBiz Services team is thankful for, and to see our Thanksgiving message to you!