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Last week, you learned how we help you decide on a focused topic for your online course, and how we work with you to decide what the components of your course will be by making an outline. This week, we will go through how to take your “ingredients” and turn them into a clear, engaging course for your learners. Bon appetit! 

Take a Sample

So say you’re shopping at your favorite grocery store, and you see a kiosk with a store worker behind it, giving out samples of a new type of salsa. You know that you like all the ingredients that go into this salsa, but how do you know that you’ll like how they are mixed together? Do you know you’ll like the proportions of peppers to tomatoes? Will it be too spicy or too mild? There’s a risk-free way to tell- take a sample!

Just like at the grocery store, you get a sample of what your course will look and sound like before the time goes into creating the entire course. We work with you to create a prototype of the most involved module of your course. Most importantly, you get to see what the Power Point slides, videos, worksheets, and assessments look like. Then we can work together to make edits to your content, colors, images, etc. Don’t buy without a sample! The prototype phase of your project determines what the rest of your course will be! 

Dinner is Served! 

After the prototype is approved, then the fun of cooking up a new course begins! Using the prototype and the outline that we created, we begin to create a full course for you that includes: 

  • Multiple modules
  • Multiple lessons in each module 
  • Power Point or Google Slides 
  • Speaker notes for your videos, if applicable
  • Worksheets and/or note taking sheets for your learners 
  • Assessments for your learners 

Then everything is then uploaded onto a learning platform so that your learners can access all of the materials needed for the course to make sense to them. After we have checked and re-checked everything to make any edits or tweaks necessary, the course if yours to serve up to your learners! 

If you want to ditch the junk food and dish up a nutritionally balanced course, we can help! Contact us today!