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You’ve heard the saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, right? According to, the expression means to “risk losing everything by having only one plan or idea and depend entirely on it for your success”. You probably know that it’s a good idea to have various marketing platforms and strategies for your business, but do you know why? Not only will having a varied marketing plan reach more people, it will also help you engage with different types of learners. Everybody learns differently, but science tells us that there are seven main ways that people learn. These include: 

  • Visual
  • Auditory 
  • Verbal
  • Physical 
  • Logical 
  • Social 
  • Intrapersonal 

You won’t necessarily know what type of learner you are marketing to. Therefore, it’s important to include media that will appeal to all different kinds of learners! Let’s take a look at how various marketing strategies work for a few different kinds of people. 

Very Visual 

Visual learners process information by seeing it. They also make up the biggest subset of the population, so it would be beneficial for you to include engaging visual media within your marketing. Flyers, brochures, demonstrations, videos, charts, pictures, and graphs are all things that would appeal to visual learners. 

Awesome Auditory 

These folks are the people who can learn from a podcast, or can contentedly listen to a book on Audible for hours. They learn best by hearing, and respond well to verbal analogies and oral presentations. Marketing techniques such as radio commercials, music, podcasts, and oral explanations will appeal to this crowd. 

Keeping Up With Kinesthetic

It requires some creativity to market to kinesthetic learners! This segment of the population learns best by touching objects and carrying out motions. Getting kinesthetic learners involved with your product is the best way to engage them. Demonstrations, games, samples, and experiments all appeal to potential clients who like to move! 


Mix up your marketing to allow all different types of people to get educated about your product! One of the most important things that we have learned with our background in education is that you have to meet people where they are in order for them to learn. Considering a variety of learning styles while planning your marketing strategy will educate your potential clients. The more they know about you, the more likely they are to become loyal customers!