Let’s pretend that we have a friend named Gloria. She is an entrepreneur, and while Gloria’s sales have been steady after launching her business, they recently since slowed. Gloria’s business is in a slump. She thinks that taking an online course written by an expert in her field will be just the thing to help her revamp and generate more sales. So Gloria enrolls in an online course and while taking that course, experiences the following situations:  Read More

Last week, we learned how distance learning evolved from snail mail to high-speed Internet over a 250-year time period. We are no longer learning shorthand through writing letters to far-away friends or listening to radio broadcasts for college credit. The world of online learning is huge, and now anyone who wants to teach anything can do so! People can create courses in order to help others and share their expert knowledge. However, in order to ensure your learners understand what you are trying to convey, your course needs to include several important elements:  Read More

Depending on your area of the country, it’s getting to be the time of year when students young and old return to school. And depending on your age, line of work, and whether or not you have kids at home, this can either be fantastic news or the cause of end-of-summer blues. Read More

Last week, you learned how we help you decide on a focused topic for your online course, and how we work with you to decide what the components of your course will be by making an outline. This week, we will go through how to take your “ingredients” and turn them into a clear, engaging course for your learners. Bon appetit!  Read More

Here at OmniBiz Services, we try our best to eat healthy and feed our families wholesome food! From our gardens to our chickens to our workout routines, we know that we are at our best when we are living an active lifestyle. However, did you know that it was National Junk Food Day this past Sunday? And who doesn’t love a treat now and then? Sam loves Payday bars, and Julie is partial to ice cream. Kristina craves anything with sugar, Sonya is into Reese Cups, and if you’re looking to get on Alissa’s good side, grab her some dark chocolate sea salt caramels (no nuts!) from our local chocolate shop, Bomboy’s. While we strive to create a balance between our veggies and our Snickers when it comes to food, we refuse to serve up any junk when it comes to course creation! As education experts, we know how adults learn best. In this 2-part series, we will take a look at how we go about dishing up comprehensive, focused, and engaging courses.  Read More