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This Online Course Audit will help you answer these 5 vital questions:

Is your work being shared efficiently?
Make sure your course content is creating connection and teaching your audience in an easy to understand way. Think like a beginner and go back to the basics.

Is your content inspiring completion?
It is so important to create content that will keep your clients motivated to complete your course. Too often people lose interest in what they came to learn. Don’t let that happen to you.

Does your course flow?
Make sure you deliver your course material in a clear and effective way that accommodates different learning styles. This is how you will truly influence others and make an impact.

Does your course get results?
Make sure you are providing value and training material that will get the results your clients signed up for. They are here for a solution! This is important for getting referrals and positive testimonials that YOU ARE THE SOLUTION.

Is your course performing like you want it to?
Your course is a chance for you to share your expertise and make money. You should be getting results just like your clients. Let’s make sure you are getting a return on investment.

Hi, I’m Sam!

I am a wife, mother to two wonderful kids and the founder of OmniBiz Services. As online courses started to explode, I saw an exciting opportunity to help entrepreneurs create an impact in the online space. This is when I took my 10+ years teaching career and Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction and created a thriving business.

At OmniBiz Services, we turn your ideas into amazing courses from start to finish and help you everywhere in between. My holistic approach designs courses and training materials that actually teach information to your paying clients so you can create a sustainable business and scale to new heights.

You have a message to share with the world, and it is my mission to help you transition your online course into a TRANSFORMATIONAL EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE!

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