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So we are at the start of a new year and that means there’s lots of new goals and resolutions. What are your goals and resolutions for 2020? Is your goal to have a successful online course? If so then you may want to start by looking at the consistency within your course and how that impacts your learners.

Back to Beginner Mindset

When you are creating your course you want to look at it, not as the master of the subject matter but as the student, the receiver of that content and take a look from that perspective Much in the same way that a teacher would when preparing a lesson plan for a class. You’ve gotta put your brain back in starter mode. Last week, we talked about beginner mindset and that is going to continue to play a role in your course and creating a consistent learning environment in your course.  

Consistency is KEY!

With that beginner mindset on you can start consistently showing up for your learners. Consistency in course creation is key! That means building in things like assessments and automated responses into your course.  Also setting up calls with your learners. As well as facilitating in person learning calls with video calls. It means you should be accessible to your students. A big part of consistency is showing up in the ways your students need you.

Make this year, a consistent year of showing up for yourself and your learners. Are you struggling with consistency in your course? Let OmniBiz Services help you create a course with the consistency your learners need! You can also join our Facebook group, OmniBiz Course Creation.  We share valuable materials there everyday to keep you thinking about how your students learn