Last week, we took a look at how GSuite can be beneficial for Millennials in the workplace. As we learned from the blog, Millennials value flexibility, technology, and a work-life balance. On the flip side, employees from other generations, including Baby Boomers, prefer to have conversations in person. Also, Baby Boomers are willing to put in “face time” at the office, and work long hours to get the job done. As an employer, how do you take your employees’ values and work habits into consideration? And perhaps more importantly, how do you help fight the stereotypes that accompany members of various generations? Each generation has a lot to bring to the table that would make a business successful, and with good management, a multi-generational company can work well together.  Read More

Last week, we took a look at how to sustain your business with the features that GSuite has to offer. A big part of sustaining your business is retaining talented employees. Small businesses are greatly impacted by high turnover rates. Severance packages, training new hires, advertising for job openings, and interviewing candidates also cuts into businesses overall revenue. A high turnover rate can also lead to low morale within the company, in which employees look for excuses to leave. But here’s the good news! By 2021, 50% of the workforce will be made up of Millennials. There has been extensive research done on the engagement and work habits of Millennials, and it shows the following trends:  Read More

Last week, we began to take a look at GSuite and how it can help you to begin your business. So, what happens once you have your business up and running? Can GSuite do anything for you? The answer is a resounding YES! GSuite offers a wide range of tools that make sustaining your business simple. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly used and useful features that GSuite has to offer.  Read More

Here at OmniBiz Services, we know what it’s like to build a small business from the ground up! From licensing to getting software to figuring out your marketing strategy, there’s a lot to do and organize! One tool that makes building your small business a lot simpler is GSuite. According to Cool Head Tech, GSuite “offers a number of apps that serve different purposes, including collaboration, communication and storage.” Along with all the apps that Google offers, GSuite for Business offers the following features:  Read More

Last week, we learned that by backwards mapping and setting SMART goals, we can effectively goal-set for our businesses. As we mentioned, backwards mapping is a technique used to teachers in order to plan their curriculum for the year. Let’s take a look at how to utilize this teaching tool to set goals for your business! 

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