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If you are a parent, your kid’s school or school district has probably thrown around the terms synchronous and asynchronous.

By now, you’ve figured out that is just a fancy way to say virtual and in-person learning.

BUT, that is exactly where the problems BEGIN!

When school districts and colleges are relying on old school methods of teaching and training, it is no surprise that the business world complains.

The complaint typically goes something like this:

Kids come out of high school and college unprepared for the real world. What the hell are those schools actually teaching? These kids don’t know how to think or be team players.

Any of this sound even remotely familiar?

There are a variety of ways to overcome this educational disconnect. One of the fastest and easiest ways to overcome this disconnect is through BLENDED LEARNING!

It is the fine line between face-to-face and independent learning. Now in our case, face-to-face still means online via something like Zoom, Teams, or Hangouts. You can also do blended learning with in-person meetings, but with COVID, let’s hedge our bets and assume it is going to be online. 

What is blended learning? And why do I recommend it so much for your online course?

The old educational standard of blended learning is “where learning happens online in a format where the student has control over the path and pace at which they engage with content AND some learning happens in an instructor-led classroom.”

Now ironically in a COVID faced world, we have so many new technologies at our finger tips that we do not even need to be in the same building to make this style of learning work. 

Adults and kids alike, enjoy having control! 

Go figure! LOL!

This control with online learning focuses on when and how they consume the information they need to independently. 

With blended learning we provide our students/clients (i.e. learners) with fully built out online courses where content is pre-recorded. Worksheets and activities help reach multiple learning styles. The instructor/trainer/teacher will provide a timeline of requirements for learner success. In-person meetings validate success and clear up confusion for the learner.

This will look different for teachers who are regularly meeting students.

But for coaches and trainers in the business world, this will be regularly scheduled meetings to track metrics/successful comprehension and application of the materials.

The way to implement blended learning into your online course is to review your course content. Determine when your learner will start to feel unsuccessful or that hurdles appear. These are strategic places where you NEED to have an in-person meeting. From there you review your time as the instructor, and determine at what intervals you believe the learner will need further support. By doing this you ensure greater amounts of success for your learner. 

You are providing them with multiple touch points to ensure success and track metrics. You are able to motivate your learner beyond what you already set up with your automations in your online course. Lastly you are showing your human side and how much you care beyond the $$$ they are paying you. 

So, if you are interested in setting up this style of online course and having someone support you every step of the way, keeping you accountable – let’s chat.

Having someone there to make sure you follow through on your goals is CRITICAL. And not just anyone … someone who gets where you’re going and is equally invested in your success!

This is something that I provide to all of my clients!

I help you to stick to your word and design an online course that truly teaches what you said in all of your marketing materials. 

Before the end of the year, I have a couple of spots open for my 6 or 8 week course creation optimizer. We will look at your current materials, identify how to chunk your content, address multiple learning styles to ensure your clients success. This will reduce your stress and overwhelm while putting you on track to amplify your bottom-line. 

These spots are extremely limited so if you’re interested, click here to schedule a call right now.