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Here at OmniBiz Services, we know what it’s like to build a small business from the ground up! From licensing to getting software to figuring out your marketing strategy, there’s a lot to do and organize! One tool that makes building your small business a lot simpler is GSuite. According to Cool Head Tech, GSuite “offers a number of apps that serve different purposes, including collaboration, communication and storage.” Along with all the apps that Google offers, GSuite for Business offers the following features: 

  • A professional email address with your business domain name 
  • Video conferencing 
  • Cloud storage
  • File sharing 
  • Business-grade security
  • IT administration 
  • Auditing
  • Data loss prevention 
  • And more! 

A few key features can assist you in getting your business up and running. 

Professional Email

Your email address may be the first indicator to your potential clients that you are a legitimate business, as opposed to someone who did not think their business through before beginning. Think about it- would you rather email, or to inquire about course creation? The first email address clearly shows that Sam works for a business and gives you the business’s website URL after the @ in the email. On the flip side, when you send an email to someone with a Yahoo address, you don’t know who you are emailing. You can’t see what business they are associated with. You can’t go to their website, see their pricing, read their testimonials, or see their reviews. GSuite for business also allows you to assign separate emails for each employee.Your email address is often the first impression people have of your business. Make it a good one! 

Other Essentials 

When you are just beginning your business, it is essential that you and any employees or subcontractors to stay on the same page. By using Google Calendar, you can see employees’ availability, send email invites for meetings, and share calendars. Google Docs and Google Sheets allow people to collaborate in real time on documents and spreadsheets. Finally, all this good work can be stored in the Cloud and protected by a data loss prevention system. 

Once you’ve got your GSuite set up, you’re well on your way to getting your business running! Next week, we will take a look at how GSuite can help to sustain and streamline your small business.