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Do you have an online course that is successful but isn’t getting the results that you want? 

Marketing is NOT the Problem

Your course is probably being marketed really well! There are a lot of really great people out there teaching how to market course. 

However, the problem is that your course may not be meeting all of your individual learners needs.

A Teacher’s Perspective 

As you may know, I am a former teacher. I remember many instances where my students struggled, maybe like your learners do. Often times learners can just shut down if they aren’t delivered the materials in a way that resonates with them. 

Take a minute and stop and think about your course. 

Do you deliver the materials your learners need in multiple ways? Not everybody does. 

This is the key to making sure that your learners can be successful within your course. Meet them where they are. 

Solving Your Course Problems

If your course is not delivering the materials your learners need to be successful in your course here’s what I recommend you do.Take a moment and download OmniBiz Services DIY Course Audit. Go through your own course, even if it’s just one module, looking at it like a beginner. Take the time to reflect on whether or not you have a course that’s actually meeting the needs of the students.

If DIY isn’t you jam…

Are you still struggling even after using our DIY Course Audit? Make an appointment with me to talk about your course challenges. Also check us out on Facebook to see all of the things that OmniBiz Services can do for you! We even have a free Facebook group for you to join, OmniBiz Course Creation. We provide valuable materials there everyday to keep you thinking about how your students learn.