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Designing the course of your dreams doesn’t have to be complicated!

You’re bursting with ideas and ready to launch the perfect course for your audience. You just need a helping hand to guide you along the way.

Learn how OmniBiz Services takes our client’s idea from a simple daydream to a compelling online learning experience.

Course Creation: Simplified

Bring your ideas to life

You have something you want to share with the world. Your expertise is ready to shine and your people are waiting to learn. It is time to get crystal clear on your vision.

Release the overwhelm of course creation by letting us help you lay the foundation for a successful class and set your course up for success from the ground up.

Design a course that creates lasting change

You want more than a course, you want to solve your client’s problem and give them a true transformation. Make sure your course is designed in a way that will lead them to their solution.

Develop the course of your client’s dreams and watch the promise of lasting change pull them in. We’ll help you understand how to lead them towards long-term solutions.

Build a reputable and profitable course

 You want your course to WOW your ideal clients so they are compelled to spread the word.

Cultivate a reputation with your clients that keeps them referring friends, leaving stellar testimonials, which creates a steady stream of income.

Why try to figure it all out alone when you can grab the 7 Steps to Create a Highly Successful Online Course and make this process smooth and enjoyable!

Hi, I’m Sam!

I left my 10+ years teaching career to be more present for my kids. Because at the end of the day 180 students were getting more of my energy and attention than my own 2 children.

As I explored freelance work I noticed that online courses began to explode. Through my teaching experience and Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction I knew my work could fill a gap that was needed. And this is where Omnibiz Services was born.

We turn ideas into amazing courses from start to finish and help you everywhere in between. My holistic approach designs courses and training materials that actually teach information to your paying clients. So you can create a sustainable business and scale to new heights.

It is my mission to transition online courses into TRANSFORMATIONAL EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCES!

Are you ready to create your course with ease?

I have you covered with all the details on how to do this.

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